Muslim Lady In UK Dies Of COVID-19, Six Days After Delivering A Baby

A Muslim lady named Fozia Hanif had tested positive for COVID-19 recently died at Birmingham’s Heartlands Hospital on April 8. The incident occurred after her condition deteriorated when she gave birth to her son.

Because of her health condition, Ms. Hanif was not able to see her baby. She could only see his pictures before passing away.

The relatives of Ms. Hanif said she had regular maternity check-ups in the hospital during her pregnancy. In one of the checkups, she was found to have a slight fever. She had later tested positive for COVID-19.

Fozia’s son tests negative for COVID-19

Fozia’s baby remains in the hospital and has tested negative for COVID-19. The 29-year-old was one of the five siblings. She was working for probation services at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.


Her husband Wajid Ali told ITV News: “They said we’re going to keep her here to find out and we’re going to do a Covid test and they kept her for two days. The test came back positive and the next day they said it was mild and you can go home. After four days she had difficulty breathing and we called the ambulance.”

Fozia’s sister, Sophia Hanif, said: “When the ambulance came they did checks… and everything was alright in terms of her blood pressure and sugar levels, but they still had to take her in to hospital for her baby and… I think it was the second day she was in the hospital she gave birth.”

No visitors were allowed to visit Fozia due to the virus

Sophia also added that while in the recovery ward, Ms Hanif was not allowed visitors to see her. However, they were later informed that Fozia was getting better.

Ms Hanif was taken to a recovery ward after giving birth to her son Ayaan Hanif Ali. However, her condition deteriorated. Later, she was moved into intensive care and was put onto a ventilator.


Ms Hanif’s father Nabil Hanif said: “It gave us hope. They took her to the recovery ward, they gave her the phone and actually to her.”

Fozia’s sister added: “She had no time at all. She was asking for food, she was asking about the baby, she was asking about family and then all of a sudden. It was just a shock to us all.”

Nabil Hanif said the family are still grieving, but added: “We’ve got each other, holding each other, supporting each other, siblings, grandkids… she was a little superstar with us in our family. She was an inspiration to us all.”

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