Deadly Date! Lady SHO Arrests Robbers After ‘Befriending’ One Of Them Over Phone

robbers arrested

A lady station house officer (SHO) in Karachi arrested an alleged robber and his accomplice after tricking one of them into friendship via phone.

According to details, a female SHO at Tipu Sultan police station of Karachi, Sharafat Khan, found the contact number of one of the alleged criminals who had looted a citizen’s house 15 days ago.

After tracing the contact number, SHO Khan exhibited the presence of mind. She called the alleged robber to become a friend of her in order to arrest the criminal.

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The police officer showed a willingness to meet him after having some friendly conversation with him. In addition to this, they decided to meet face-to-face at a locality, ARY News reported.

Subsequently, the police officer went to the area after changing her appearance in order to not get noticed.

Later, Khan along with a police team managed to arrest the alleged criminal after he arrived at the planned location. Police officials told the media that they have recovered jewelry, cash, and mobile phone from the possession of the arrested robber. More so, his accomplice was also nabbed after being spotted by him.

Here are the arrested robbers

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Earlier, after the government of Sindh had imposed a lockdown in view of the COVID-19 outbreak, many individuals insisted on offering the Friday congregational prayers. Moreover, they violated the directives provided by the Sindh government.

It is pertinent to mention that the same female SHO, reached the Haqqani Mosque in Frontier Colony in the past. She had asked the individuals present at the mosque to pray at home.

Instead of cooperating with the SHO, a group of individuals started to pelt her with stones. As a result of this, the police officer received minor injuries.

Robbery has evidently peaked since the pandemic took over. A few months ago, a snatching incident took place in Karachi’s Federal B Area, Shahra-e-Pakistan block 6 opposite the Green heaven building. Two boys riding on a motorcycle tried to rob a citizen who was sitting on his motorcycle.

Luckily for the citizen, police were on duty in that particular area. They caught the robbers red-handed. The robbers were trying to escape from the incident. However, the police were quick to catch the criminals.

They risked their life and ran straight after the criminals on the road. One of the robbers was shot dead on the spot while the other one was arrested. Thankfully, neither the victim nor any one of the other drivers on the road got any harm due to the incident and everyone was safe.

Sadly, the nationwide lockdown has greatly impacted the labor class, particularly the daily wagers. The government implementation of a ‘smart lockdown’ has resulted in them being unemployed. As a result of being unable to meet their expenses, the oppressed end up committing robbery and other crimes to fulfill their needs.

Story Courtesy: ARY News

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