Kubra Khan Shares the Story Behind Superstar’s Song

Kubra Khan Shares the Story Behind Superstar's Song

Kubra Khan, renowned for her captivating performances in Pakistani television dramas and films, including hits like Muqabil, Alif, and Na Maloom Afraad, recently disclosed the intriguing backstory behind her involvement in the item song “Dharak Bharak” from the film Superstar. During an appearance on The Pick and Drop Show with Yasir Hussain, Kubra candidly shared her initial misunderstanding about the nature of the song. Believing it to be a cameo alongside co-star Bilal Ashraf, she later realized it was an item number, prompting internal conflict and self-reflection.

The actress expressed her unease with certain aspects of the song’s production, including reluctance to wear a specific outfit and discomfort during a scene where she had to make an entry while boys whistled at her. Kubra Khan’s revelation provides insight into the challenges faced by actors in navigating industry expectations, shedding light on the complexity of decision-making within the realm of Pakistani entertainment.

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