KP Government ‘Accidentally’ Went Live On Facebook With A Cat Filter And It Is Absolutely Hilarious!

Technology having its own advantages can sometimes get you on the laughing buzz. Social applications having filters is just another hysteria these days as it gets hard to distinguish between ‘who is who’. Recently, Snapchat added two game-changing gender swap and baby filters for its users and they became an instant hit.

Talking about filters, ever wondered what it would be like to apply filters on Pakistan’s ruling political party members that too during an official presser? Well, the digital media squad of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s provincial government just gave the internet users a weekend full of entertainment.

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On Friday, Shaukat Yousufzai, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Information Minister during a press conference was transformed into a ‘cat’ and the virtual awaam was in laughing bits. The blunder was made by the social media team of the region’s provincial government while using Facebook live option.

The filter feature in apps, if chosen, detects the faces on its own and then applies the desired filter. No idea what was the digital media team thinking at that time and chose to make the KPK Minister a ‘billi’. However, people who were then watching the press conference live identified the issue and mentioned it in the comments.

Dear Indians, thank you for providing us with laughter in the last elections!

The ‘internet chowkidars’ from the other side of the border were quick to respond to the blunder and tweets were made regarding it. Whereas, Pakistanis had a great time seeing the higher authorities in a cute avatar and it is serving as the trending story on social sites since yesterday.

The CATastrophe lead to hilarious reactions on the internet and the screenshot of the conference was shared numerous times. Here are some of the tweets made!

This tweet was made by an Indian Journalist!

Mansoor Ali being a known media personality of the country also jumped into the sarcasm pool!

Indians re-electing Modi was much more entertaining than this. Wasn’t it?

Galti tou insan se hi hoti hai na!

This is hilarious!

Lo bhae! Marketing shuru.

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