KPK Doctor Wears Plastic Bag Over Head To Treat COVID-19 Patients

KP Doctors Wear Plastic Bags Gloves

The coronavirus epidemic has now infected more than 1100 people in Pakistan and is spreading like wildfire. With the precautionary measures informed by authorities, the shortage of medical supplies is gradually becoming a massive issue. Well, another case recently came in from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province where even doctors are deprived of basic medical equipment.

Doctors in Swabi’s Yar Hussain Hospital forced to wear plastic bags and gloves

While the Sindh government is ensuring that the civilians are getting proper assistance, such implementation isn’t seen in other provinces. Recently, the Sindh and federal government engaged in a fight over the arrived Chinese aid to combat coronavirus. Due to such political hindrances, doctors in KP are forced to wear plastic bags on their heads with plastic gloves to treat COVID-19 patients.

Here’s the tweet addressing the issues of KP doctors

Taking to her Twitter, journalist Benazir Shah shed light on the turmoil, the doctors in the KP region are working these days. As per the post, Dr. Amir Ali Khan treating coronavirus patients in Swabi recorded his protest on the non-availability of general supplies. The attached snaps of Dr. Khan sure display misery as the authorities keep fighting for international aid.

Benazir Shah’s tweet read, Dr. Amir Ali Khan, a doctor in Swabi, KP, tells me that he wore plastic bags while checking patients to recorded his protest against the non-availability of face masks and gloves.”

KP Health Department’s immediate action on the matter

Moreover, the doctor even recorded his daily struggle so that the concerned health department will soon look into the matter. ”I could not find any face masks at the local pharmacies and neither had the district health department responded to his requests. I was checking 30 patients a day, anyone could have been a carrier of coronavirus”, says Dr. Amir Ali Khan.

KP Doctors Wear Plastic Bags Gloves

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After the issue went viral on social media, the concerned department came in contact with Dr. Amir Ali Khan. According to Dr. Khan’s latest statement, he was then provided medical supplies by the KP health department. On receiving the equipment, Dr. Khan said, ”I was contacted by the health officials who then provided face masks and gloves.”

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