KP Sets A New Bar By Hosting A ‘Charas’ Expo In Terah Valley!

Charas Expo KP

In this uncertain world, anything and everything that lies within the changing span of time remains known. Under the circumstances of cultural, religious and societal barriers, the increasing number of cannabis consumption in Pakistan is alarming. Among other unusual news from today, this week, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) raised the bar high and hosted a “Charas” expo in the province.

KP’s “Charas” expo in Tirah Valley is going viral on the internet!

Particularly, last month, Pakistan’s metropolis ranked high ousting several other ‘marijuana legal’ countries of the world. As per the Cannabis Price Index of 2018, Karachi became the second most cannabis consuming city in the world. While India’s New Delhi and Mumbai grabbed the third and sixth place, Karachi ousted every other city except New York, United States of America (USA).

kpk charas expo

However, earlier this week, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province of Pakistan set an unusual fiasco on the internet. According to media reports, KP recently hosted a ‘Charas’ expo in Tirah Valley. Apparently, the video somehow reached social media and now it has become extremely viral. Pakistanis are in a confusing state seeing the illegal activity going on in KP without government observation.

This Twitter user posted the video of the “Charas” expo with a suggestive caption. He wrote, “Thought to Ponder. Charas Expo 2019 in Terah Valley KPK.” 

“This should be held at Karachi Expo Center. If widely advertised then hundreds of thousands of foreigners would visit the event and Pakistan export figures would rise dramatically”, he further added. Currently, the internet is filled with such statements from the Pakistanis asking about its inauguration in Karachi Expo Centre as well.

The rising “Charas” culture in Pakistan!

However, KP has always been under the assumption that the province has the most number of “Charas” consumers in the country. Among other drug production heads, KP is also believed to be on the list. Pakistanis often see videos of KP locals openly smoking “Charas” floating on the internet providing many aspects to it.

Charas Expo KP

Apparently, it seems like the provincial government keeps its hands in the air when it comes to the promotion of “Charas” culture. Not only KP but the whole of Pakistan has such elements stored in it. Unfortunately, consumers don’t notice the ever-rising hashish culture in the country which is severely affecting human health.

Well, it is definitely the state’s responsibility to monitor such activities taking place calmly in KP.  Gradually, the “Charas” culture is being spread all across Pakistan.

Moreover, easy access to the drug and its buying is making the youth addict to it. Currently, the filthy element is making its roots stronger in every other educational institute of the country.

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