Famous Korean YouTuber Embraces Islam, Tells Mother The Reasons Why He Did So!

Korean YouTuber Embraces Islam

When the times are changing in terms of choices, beliefs and social values, the world seemed to be inflicted on the ‘Islamophobia’ aspect very often. As the concerned narrative has been resulting in the Muslims facing extreme turmoil in various situations, with the passage of time, the veto perceptions towards the community have changed. Many Non-Muslims are gradually reverting to Islam after properly researching and understanding the religion and recently, one similar news came in from South Korea and probably many negative minds are now cleared.

South Korean YouTube personality converted to Islam!

There have been times when various famous Non-Muslim celebrities were seen converting to the religion of Islam and becoming a practicing Muslim. After the recent United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) speech event, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announcing ‘Anti Islamophobia’ TV channel with the help of other Muslim leaders holds the reason to portray the true picture of Islam. Recently, a video of a famous South Korean YouTuber whose former name was Jay Kim explaining to her mother why he converted to Islam shows how peaceful he is now.

This Kashmiri Twitter user tweeted Jay Kim’s video having a conversation with his mother after he embraced Islam!

In the video, the mother is in shock after knowing about his son’s religion changing decision as it is extremely rare to see any Korean becoming a Muslim. Jim Kay who is now Daud Kim’s mother asked him that isn’t it hard to be a Muslim in Korea as Korean society has a lot of prejudice against Islam. Well, the YouTube personality answered his mother’s every question calmly and tried to make her understand the facts on which he turned towards the religion.

A journey from Jim to Daud!

The South Korean YouTuber on his channel used to post vlogs of him researching and exploring Islam and attending different Muslim events like Eid. It was when Jay Kim completely understood the religion, he embraced Islam in the Central Mosque of South Korea and later posted his video of taking the shahada on his YouTube channel. After becoming a practicing Muslim, the vlogger changed his name to Daud Kim and has been totally open about his decision.

While the majority of times Islam is seen under the bad spotlight, such beautiful incidents present the true spirit of the religion for the world to see. Earlier this year a video of a Hindu Pandit showing his love for Islam went viral on the internet and his hate for those who don’t follow their religion properly was justified. It is not the first time that a Non-Muslim has found peace in Islam and completely understood the religion and turned towards it.

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