Hello KMC! Killing Dogs & Leaving Them In Garbage Bins Won’t Eliminate Diseases

government killing dogs

More dogs than people are seen on Karachi’s roads these days as the country continues to be under a smart lockdown to control coronavirus. However, in order to control stray dogs from biting and spreading diseases, they are being killed and skinned alive. Such inhumane behavior by the authorities is being called off by many.

Animal Rescue Foundation (ACF) has a raised serious concern when they highlight the grave issue happening in Karachi. Sharing the pictures of dogs mercilessly killed, the foundation has accused KMC of inhumane behavior. ACF has also asked Mayor Karachi to take action against the cruelty.

Many people are disturbed while seeing the footage of the innocent creature being killed and dumped into a garbage bin. Actor Naimal Khawar has also raised her voice and has asked people to stop being ‘monster’.

Humans or monsters?

Brutal killing of the innocent creature by the govt

Earlier, the government issued an order on April 1 and instructed the city government to ‘speed up’ culling of dogs to prevent diseases (particularly coronavirus) and other mishaps. However, many concerned residents came together to raise their voice against such animal cruelty.

In Pakistan, especially in big cities such as Karachi and Lahore, killing dogs is considered the only solution to control the growing population of the strays. In easy layman language, the culling of dogs is a practice to kill them to reduce the wildlife population. Here, mostly it is done by giving them the rat poison.

Also, an incident went viral a few days ago in Bahria Town, Karachi where a dog was shot dead and instead of helping him people made the video of the innocent creature dying of pain.

A few years back too, the authorities ‘proudly’ killed 900 stray dogs and left their bodies on the street. A spokesperson for the municipal authority claimed that they have poisoned over at least 700 dogs around the city- however, the work is far from complete. The officials argued that the operation was necessary in order to provide safety to the population.

Do you think the level of humanity can stoop any lower than this?


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