Meet Kiran – The Hijabi FOODPANDA Rider Who Is Now A Social Media Hero

foodpanda female rider

Last week social media was abuzz about the photo of a woman in a traditional hijab sitting on a motorbike while working as a delivery rider for foodpanda. The person featured in the photo is Kiran (last name omitted for privacy reasons), a resident of Karachi. 

Kiran joined foodpanda Pakistan as a delivery hero 6 weeks ago. Since joining the fleet, she has completed over 100 successful orders. Coming from a conservative family, Kiran was a stay at home mom, who is passionate about supporting her family financially. 

I was happy to the roof to see that my Foodpanda Rider was a WOMAN! I couldn't contain my excitement and asked if I…

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Breaking all stereotypes and delivering happiness during these testing times, Kiran says, “People forbade me from working as a female rider, narrating horrendous accidents. My father however helped me stand tall, encouraging me to follow my passion. It’s not easy to be a female rider in a country like Pakistan but by the grace of Allah all the customers have been extremely sweet and respectful towards me, asking if I need food and water.”

Social media support for Kiran has been incredible! 

"Izzat say apna rozgaar kamanay ka haq sab ko hai. Mjhay bhe hai."#ShareToAware-Her name is Kiran. Post shared by Tooba Masroor.

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Kiran continued, “My father taught me how to ride a bike. People are intrigued by females working as a delivery hero. I am thankful to foodpanda for providing me this opportunity and allowing me to set my shift hours as per my feasibility. The rider support team is very supportive of female riders. I would encourage other women in Pakistan to follow their dreams, go out, and earn the living they deserve; don’t let anyone discourage you. Apart from them, I have no worries regarding anything and my experience has been great. “

How foodpanda helped Kiran in more than one way

“I have been working with foodpanda since 26th May. I love it here. I understand the work and it’s fun. Everyone’s very helpful, especially the foodpanda fraternity, the riders. They help me out with everything. From the little things, like telling me the address, details of how to maintain my bike, everything,” said Kiran regarding the staff and management.

“Last time there was rain, and my fellow riders helped gear my bike up and guided me on how to tackle slippery roads. The whole organization, every person is very supportive here and I am enjoying my work,” she concluded.

Talking about this viral image, Nauman Sikander Mirza, CEO foodpanda said: “Riders are essential frontline workers and our heroes. They brave difficult conditions every day to deliver vitally needed food and groceries to your home so you can avoid going out and lessen the risk of Covid-19 for you and your family. At foodpanda we encourage a gender-equal representation in our workforce and fleet. We are happy to be at the forefront of empowering women and enabling economic stability in the country.”

Kiran stated that because her contract with an NGO had come to an end, she was in desperate need of another job. Being a woman, she knew she had limited opportunities for work, especially with the lockdown going on. Kiran tried her luck with some private cab companies as well, but to her dismay, nothing feasible could be arranged for her.

It was then that somebody recommended foodpanda to Kiran, to earn bread and butter for her family. Kiran applied, and the next thing she knew, she finally had work. Since joining foodpanda, sky has been the limit for Kiran. She seems happy, blessed, and takes immense pride and interest in her new job. This platform for people who are in need serves as a glimmer of hope for many.

foodpanda promotes equal opportunity employment and offers ready to start income opportunities as delivery riders, restaurant or shop operators, and as home chefs to people in 30 cities across the country. Anyone can become a foodpanda rider by registering at

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