King Misbah Has A Message For All His Haters

The legend of Pakistan Test Cricket, Misbah-ul-Haq made his debut at the magnificent ground of Lord’s today at the age of 42. It could not have been better. Quaid Misbah scored a century and not only that, he finished it with the greatest possible celebration one could expect from a 42-year-oldd.

The best celebration ever

Misbah did not one, two or three but ten push ups after he scored a century in his first game at Lord’s.

You cannot just deny this

Not just at Lord’s. This is possibly the best celebration anywhere in the world for a 42 year old. 10 PUSH UPS AT THIS AGE, RIGHT AFTER YOU SCORE A HUNDRED IS NO JOKE.

And King Misbah left us emotional

We are not crying. There is something in our eyes.

Dear haters

One thing wrong about this country is that even a guy like Misbah has haters. But he answers them every single time with his bat.

Misbah is our king

After we take Jon Snow as King in the north, we now take Misbah as King at Lord’s.

Age doesn’t even matter to this legend

The oldest captain to score a test hundred. Achieving something even our youngsters cannot.


And Harsha Bhogle speaks the truth

What are we going to do without you, Misbah?

Don’t forget the push ups

Don’t you just love how Misbah answers his haters like this in the best possible way?

Not just Misbah, we all have contributed more than that guy

Misbah is calmness goals

 Misbah is someone to whom we owe a great part of our lives. The guy gives this country so much at times no one else does. Stood alone like a wall while others came and went but he was there still going strong. If it wasn’t for him, our whole team would last as long as Shahid Afridi on the crease!

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