Kim Kardashian to Launch Her Selfie Book with 260 Selfies in April 2015!!!

Kim Kardashian to Launch Her Selfie Book with 260 Selfies in April 2015!!!

Kim Kardashian Selfie Book


The other day, I overhead – guilty as charged – a bunch of boys assuring each other how a little bit of Kim Kardashian makes life better as they shared the elevator with me. Little did I know, this wishful thinking during those two minutes of an awkward space was soon to become true and I am sure they did not either?

Never been a Kardashian follower, but I would want to admit that they have a major of this world revolving around them and our youth is not lagging behind anyone in that regard. To keep the world spinning, Kim Kardashian is set to release a book for her fans to be a little more present in their lives. Yes it is a book which you will not have to read through, she has done expectation setting fairly well.

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The book is a compilation of about more than 260 selfie of the diva bringing her instagram to real live. You can browse through a compilation of more than 300 pages of her personal and professional shots; does it get better than that guys? I am sure free give away would top that but then the book title ‘Selfish’ speaks for itself. The book will be a larger than life sneak into the star’s glamorous as well throwback phases. Now that definitely cannot be priced enough but the book will have the tag of $19.95 dollars and that is a fair deal so give a few pizzas up for Kardashian’s generosity here.

The book is set to release in April;15, till than wait for the surprises sealed in that hardcover ‘Selfish’ and place pre-orders on Amazon, you may just stumble upon a discount.

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