Loved the Kiki Challenge? Here are 4 more challenges you can do in Pakistan!

The Kiki Challenge is a trend that went viral, even in a place like Pakistan. We even posted a compilation of it on Facebook.

The best of #kikichallenges in Pakistan! ?

Posted by Parhlo on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

It is amazing trend, but it also says a lot about us as a nation. This trend is all over Pakistan. Almost anyone who is on social media knows about it and great percentage of you have also done the challenge.

This makes me think- why do weird challenges like these get so popular but actual contributions to society are very few and far-spread? If you can do a challenge like this, you can also contribute to society. It’s much easier than you think.

That said, here are 5 challenges for you to do that will also contribute to society.

1. Plant-a-tree challenge

Pakistan is facing an imminent shortage of water. The best way to conquer that is through planting trees. So for this challenge, you need to plant a tree every week for the next two months. This will make sure Pakistan has enough water for both the current and future generations.

2. The Fund-My-Education challenge

There several kids in Pakistan who want to study but their parents can’t afford to put them in school. For this challenge, fund an underprivileged child’s education for a year. It only costs 4k-5k rupees and you will have help someone rise out of poverty.

3. The Sleep-Eat-Clean challenge

People nowadays don’t clean up after themselves. They sleep and leave their beds unmade. They eat and leave their trash on the table. For this challenge, remember to clean up after yourself every time you do something instead of waiting for your mom or domestic help to do it for you.

4. The Make-Your-Own challenge

I can come up with countless examples. But the real change comes from you, the reader. Doing something good for someone else or society in general only takes a bit of effort and the rewards last forward.

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