Become a published author today!

How many times have you said, ‘someday I’m going to publish a book.’ Well, that someday can be today.

Wattpad is an online platform where budding writers can share their stories.  Here’s how to use Wattpad to kickstart your writing career.

Make an account on Wattpad

Making an account is too simple, all you need is a facebook or an email address.

Choose your pen name

The best part about Wattpad is that you can choose to reveal your real name or remain shielded by an anonymous pen name. If you’re shy about sharing your writing, having a pen name will be of comfort.

Think up of a story

I would suggest creating a tentative outline in a notebook.

Make sure you have a clear idea of the following;

  1. Characters
  2. The main conflict
  3. The setting

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Write the ‘blurb’

This is the synopsis of the story. It will be the first thing the audience reads, the short paragraph that is usually found at the back of hard copy books. Make sure it’s intriguing and doesn’t give the whole story line away.

Design the cover

Personally, I find this the most exciting part. You can download an image of your choice, fancy it up, add the title, and upload it!

Make sure the title isn’t written in so fancy a font that it can’t be read.

Write the first few chapters

Just sit down and let the creative juices flow. The good thing about Wattpad is that you can publish one chapter at a time, so it’s not too overwhelming.

Your chapters don’t have to be perfect, and they won’t be. Even famous authors’ first drafts were rubbish compared to the final works.


The first draft of a chapter should be rechecked and edited and improved until it is a very different second draft.

Proof read

Before publishing the first chapter, proof read carefully. Perhaps have someone else proof read for you.


In one click, you can be a published author!


This will be an invaluable experience for you as a writer, and help you to develop and polish your skills. You might also establish a fan base, and best case scenario have a publishing house take interest in your story and publish it!

So go ahead, you have no excuses left. Tell the world your story.

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