Khursheed Shah Just Took A Shot At PM Imran Khan By Recalling His Promises And Pakistanis Are Feeling Bad!

Talking about the filthy politicians of the country, they sure know how to throw dirt on each other without doing any good for the country. Every element that can be a reason for the devastation of the state’s economy, Pakistani politicians have greatly adhered to it.

Opposition VS Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf!

The opposition, since Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI’s) electoral win last year has not left any chance to defame the ruling party. Targeting Prime Minister Imran Khan every now and then for the recent economic wreckage without even realizing that the actual reason is they themselves have become the opposing party’s favorite pass time.

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Well, on Friday in the National Assembly, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Khursheed Shah recalled all the promises PM Imran Khan had made before his win in last year’s elections. Shah read a list in which he had pointed out all of the PM’s sayings comparing them to his current decisions.

Here’s the video from yesterday’s National Assembly session!

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Posted by Memes By Shohab on Friday, June 21, 2019

This speech by Khursheed Shah widely spread on social media and Pakistanis were not feeling good. Before starting, Shah said that I’m just repeating PM Imran Khan’s statements he made before winning the elections and if I said something wrong or you think that I’ve added something by myself, I’ll apologize right away.

The list starts here!

Shah started off by saying, “I’ll not take loans from anyone nor I’ll let the dollar rise.” Sitting behind PPP senior Shazia Marri and other members of the parliament joined in. Shah then quoted, “Prices of electricity, gas, and patrol will be reduced” to which the female parliamentarians responded hilariously and a fun mood was created in the National Assembly.

Khursheed Shah further added, “I’ll not construct the Metro Bus Project, no independent will be allowed in PTI and no amnesty taxation scheme will be sanctioned” the members of the National Assembly started replying in chorus. Another promise was recounted that “I’ll not offer a friendship hand to India”.

Furthermore, Shah read, “No protocol or security will be taken by me (Imran Khan) and the PM House will be reopened as a library while the Governer House will be demolished. I won’t intake any foreign tours and will only use the basic commercial flight.”

Still going on!

Moving forward, Shah recalled, “I’ll prefer riding a bicycle like the Dutch PM and will not use private planes and helicopters. I’ll construct a small cabinet and won’t provide any position to anyone accused of something.” For the opposition PM Imran Khan had mentioned that “If you want to open any constituency, I’ll do it for you.”

Lastly, Shah repeated PM’s words, ” I won’t tell lies.”

The whole parliament applauded Khursheed Shah’s epic list and responded in a humorous way. Pakistanis are now feeling bad for Imran Khan as the promises he made earlier are yet not fulfilled. But everyone knows that the culpable are the past governments and are aware of the current survival conditions of the country.

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