PM Khan Not In Favor Of Negotiations Following His Resignation Demand!

Imran Khan Resignation

Pakistan’s opposing alliances have been after the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) government since day one. Apparently, the Maulana Fazal ur Rehman lead “Azadi March” is yet another ‘naive’ try of the opposition demanding resignation from PM Imran Khan. Bursting the daydreaming bubble of the opposing parties, PM Khan has recently clarified that no negotiations will take place if the ONLY demand is his resignation.

“No need for negotiations if my resignation is the only demand”, PM Imran Khan!

Particularly, the current struggling economy of Pakistan is because of the previous corrupt state heads. Blaming it on PM Khan’s governing tactics, the political opposers earlier joined hands to somehow collect make him step down. In a responsive statement, PM Imran Khan recently cleared the air for the opposition and ‘unfavored’ negotiation talks following his resignation demand.

Imran Khan Resignation


In this state of turmoil when the country’s capital is held captive by dishonest politicians, PM Khan is in his calm. Reportedly, on Friday, the Premier while taking the Azadi March narrative called out the opposition wanting him to step down from his seat. He maintained, “There’s a lot of talk going on about my resignation. If that is the only demand of the opposition, there is no need for negotiations.”

Meetings with the Rehbar Committee and JUI-F Chief!

However, the statements came out after PM Khan met with the Punjab authoritative and the Rehbar Committee. This week, to discuss the demands of the opposition, the Premier had separate meetings with Punjab Assembly Speaker Pervaiz Elahi and the Rehbar Committee. The meetings comprised of the discussions regarding the ongoing “Azadi March” in Islamabad.

According to media reports, Punjab Assembly Speaker Pervaiz Elahi lauded Khan’s efforts of resolving the issue through peaceful talks. Regarding the development between the JUI-F President and the Premier’s talks, Elahi sought advice for further procession. Followed by PM Khan’s meeting, the negotiating team later met with him and shared Rehbar Committee’s demands.

Pervaiz Elahi meets with Maulana Fazal ur Rehman!

Previously, PM Imran Khan had shown his concern about the rising of ‘artificial inflation’ caused by the “Azadi March” dharna. Earlier this week, after knowing the Premier’s strategy, Speaker Pervaiz Elahi had talks with the Rehbar Committee. However, Elahi first met with the Rehbar Committee so that he can have a broader aspect of the demands before sitting in with Maulana Diesel.

Imran Khan Resignation

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Meanwhile, the pictures of “Azadi March” participants passing their time by different playful activities have filled social media. Moving on, PM Imran Khan also talked about Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML N)’s leader Nawaz Sharif. Since the news of the Nawaz Sharif to receive medical treatment abroad has become public, Pakistanis showed disappointment.

Nawaz Sharif’s deteriorating health!

Specifically, to shed some light on the matter, the Premier reiterated about Sharif’s deteriorating health. PM Khan said, “We haven’t given Nawaz any NRO. Taking Nawaz’s name off the Exit Control List (ECL) is not giving him NRO.” Moreover, PM Imran Khan cleared the National Accountability Bureau (NAB)’s stance over the matter.

Imran Khan Resignation


“We will not do politics on Nawaz’s health. The institutions are independent. Nawaz’s name was put on the ECL because NAB suggested it and on NAB’s advice, it will be removed from there”, he added. Keeping the legal precesses upfront, PM Imran Khan stated that the opposition should agree to a judicial or parliamentary commission.

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