Khalil Ur Rehman Jokes About Bilawal Bhutto’s ‘Masculinity’ In An Event!

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Following, the controversy on his head, this time Khalil Ur Rehman takes it on PPP chairperson Bilawal Bhutto, as he calls him a third gender person.

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Khalil Ur Rehman makes a joke on Bilawal Bhutto at a media session!

Recently, on one occasion, Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar was addressing the reporters about his recent abusive remarks on activist Marvi Sarmad. It is when a journalist asked him about Bilawal’s support for the Aurat March, and what are his thoughts on that.

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Replying to the concerned journalist, Khalil replied: “If I say something, you people will laugh.” Adding to the conversation he said: “This is a meeting of men and women. Only men and women will be discussed here.” Not only, the hilarious response made the audience laugh, but also, the video of Qamar making such remarks about Bilawal got viral on certain social media platforms.

Here is the gone-viral video of Khalil Ur Rehman’s opinion about Bilawal’s support for the Aurat March!

Khalil Ur Rehman, Marvi Sirmed feud!

Precisely speaking, on 3rd March 2020, the writer had used abusive language against female activist Marvi Sarmad. In reaction to his comments, many celebrities condemned Khalil Ur Rehman‘s abusive remarks. Celebrities including Mahira Khan, Ushna Shah and Amir Liaquat amongst many others depicted their outrage over his unethical behavior.

Here are some of the comments!

khalil ur rehman bilawal bhutto

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