Celebrities Condemn Khalil Ur Rehman’s ‘Abusive’ Remarks On Woman!

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Pakistani writer and director, Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar has been the talk of the town since his hit drama serial ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ gained both criticism and favorable remarks. However, along with his stories, Rehman remains in headlines for his abusive language towards women.

He has once again grabbed headlines when he abused a female journalist Marvi Sirmed on a live-TV show.

At first, Rehman carried on with his bit of conversation about an upcoming Aurat March. But, he was interrupted by Marvi. Marvi triggered the extremely short-tempered writer with a slogan ‘Mera Jism meri Marzi.’ This little phrase got Rehman all riled up.

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source: neoTV

After that, he got into an abusive spat with Marvi and used some unacceptable and disgraceful remarks during the live show. Rehman literally abuse on live TV last night while he appeared on a talk show to share why he hates women.

Condemning the unethical behaviour of Rehman

Moreover, along with Pakistanis, Many Pakistani celebrities have been condemning the unethical behavior of Rehman.

Notables including Moonis Elahi, Sherry Rehman, Mahira Khan and Aamir Liaquat Hussain have expressed their outrage over his unethical behaviour. Mahira also questioned why a man who abused a woman on a live TV show is given projects after projects.

Furthermore, the writer has a long history of abusing women. Earlier, he has even called on for women to ‘revenge rape‘ men since its impossible for men, according to him to control their libido.  “If women want equality, they need to do the same things men are doing. Go and rob a bus, abduct a man and gang-rape him. Only then I would know there is equality”. His statement created a massive uproar on social media.

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