Pakistanis Have Taken Khalid Bajwa Harassment Case Way too Far with These Insane Jokes!

Former Patari CEO, Khalid Bajwa is under a grave sexual harassment case. The music platform, just yesterday, released an official statement, confirming the resignation of their CEO Khalid Bajwa on the basis of those allegations.

It came about after a number of victims went vocal about their experiences on social media. They highlighted their encounters with Khalid Bajwa and provided references with screenshots of their conversations. People are absolutely condemning the shambolic involvement of Khalid in this case and have come to empathize with the victims.

It has also been a top trend since yesterday, as victims and the people, in general, continue to discuss the issue on moral grounds. On the other hand, social media happens to be making the most of this case with jokes and memes.

The following thread is a mere picture of what Pakistani twitter looks like now:

Dear Lord



People don’t spare anyone


Ruined. Just ruined.

I don’t know why I find this funny!


Can’t unsee this!

This term “fetish” is no longer the same for anyone now

Well played…

Siri paye. Phajjay ke paye.

This whole thing has gone way too far now. People on the internet love doing their jobs and making jokes out of everything. What’s your take on the whole matter involving Bajwa?

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