Horrible Images, Videos Leaked On Social Media Expose This Teacher Abusing 10-Year-Old Boy

Khairpur teacher

This is the story of an evil retired teacher and tutor. After reading it, we are sure that your heart will bleed with rage. You would want the high-ups of this country to take action against this beast, killing the souls of innocent children for long.

A tuition teacher in Khairpur was raping his students and filming them and this week, the entire world watched him on social media when he was ruining the life of one such kid.

Retired teacher abusing a boy

On Thursday, horrific images and videos emerged on social media showing a retired teacher and tutor Sarang Shar raping a minor in Khairpur.

The visuals are so graphic that they would leave thinking what a human has become. Reportedly more videos had also viral showing Sarang sexually abusing children.

A case has been registered against him, according to Express Tribune. However, when hearing that the shameful and disgusting stories of his acts have become viral, Sarang has gone underground. He has not been arrested yet till the filing of this report.

According to the FIR, a victim’s father told the police that his 10-year-old son, who studies in Grade 6, had been sexually assaulted by Sarang.

The father has also got the video clip that had gone recently viral on social media, showing his son being raped by Sarang.

“I was horrified to see the video,” said the father. He is a driver by profession and hails from Karachi. “A teacher is supposed to build his students’ careers but this one destroyed my child’s life,” he said.

His child has recently joined Sarang’s tuition center because his school was closed amid the lockdown.

“My son’s school was closed, so I thought it was a good idea to send him to a tuition center instead. But this man is not a teacher, he is an animal.”

Entire Pakistan and the kid’s father want justice for the victims.

Reportedly, Sarang is the father of a PTI representative in Khairpur district.

Aslam Shar, Sarang son and PTI Khairpur district vice-president, told The Express Tribune that “I cannot say that the person in the videos or photos is my father,” he said (of course). He added, “I am trying to contact them and will provide updates when I get home.”

Child abuse is a serious problem in Pakistan. People on social media are disgusted and seek justice from the government of Pakistan and the judiciary. Earlier in 2020, the National Assembly had passed a landmark resolution for the ‘public hanging’ of child abusers. After seeing abuse images and videos, one is left to think, should rapists and pedophiles not be hanged?

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