KFC Launch World’s First Edible Coffee Cup!


KFC has released UK’s first edible chocolate coffee cup, “Scoff-ee Cup”. These cups are made up of heatproof white chocolate.

The Scoff-ee Cup has been prepared from a unique biscuit with sugar paper lined with generous layers of chocolate, which keeps the coffee hot and the cup crispy. You can have your cup or you can eat it, when the chocolate lining begins to melt. The cups are made up of mouth watering and mood boosting scents including Cut Grass and Coconut Sun Cream.3

These Edible Chocolate Coffee Cups are created in the partnership with Brandy Wright of The Robin Collective. He said:

“Not only do the edible cups taste amazing, but they smell delicious too. We’ve infused different cups with a variety of ambient aromas including Coconut Sun Cream, Freshly Cut Grass and Wild Flowers. These scents were used in our recipes as they have a natural ability to evoke the positive memories we associate with warm weather, sunshine and summer holidays. Things that make everyone smile.”


At KFC, Jocelyn Bynoe said:

“We have been experimenting with edible packaging to see if it could be a feasible product to bring to market in limited quantities and thought that if our customers occasionally like to have their cake and eat it, why wouldn’t they want have their cup and eat it instead!”

KFC claimed that the edible  chocolate coffee cups are made up 100% Arabica Bean. They have launched edible cups as KFC’s new Seattle’s Best Coffee range, although these are currently unavailable for customers in store.


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