KFC’s New All Star Deal Is All About Friends… And Fate!

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It’s no secret Pakistanis have an undying love for food. No occasion or celebration is complete without a delicious meal. Don’t worry…this isn’t a rant. In fact, we both understand and relate to it!

That’s why Parhlo is always on the lookout for the best deals, which keep our cravings at bay and help us enjoy the moment. Also, we’re big on ordering food at work, and getting great value on food is a priority. If you’re in the same boat, we’ve got some finger-lickin’ good news for you – KFC’s All Star Deal!

If you’re a foodie (we know you are) then you already know all about it, but in case you’re living under a rock the size of Gorakh Hill, let us bring you up to speed. KFC’s All Star Deal is a meal for 4, so choose your co-diners wisely as they’ll be sharing this crazy deal. It has 4 amazing burgers and a 1.5 litre drink. Sounds simple? Wait.

KFC deal best

Source: KFC

These aren’t just any burgers…they’re the best that KFC has to offer – all stars in their own right. With a Mighty Zinger, Kentucky, Zinger Stacker and of course the legendary Zinger! So, how are we dividing this deal? That’s where real friendships are put to the test!

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So, if you’ve got the perfect group of friends or work buddies, with their own KFC burger preferences, then it’s all good in the hood. But in case you’re in a dilemma like the rest of us, here’s a top tip – let fate decide through a good old-fashioned chit-pull or parchi uthana!

Write down the names of the burgers, and pick up chits one by one. Think we’re taking this too seriously? Well, did we mention the deal has all 4 of KFC’s premium offerings and is only for Rs. 1,395…that’s 4 burgers plus a 1.5 ltr drink in just Rs. 1395! So, what are you waiting for? Find your squad now on www.KFCPakistan.com, put them through the test and experience zabardast value!

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