Pakistani Girls Are Obsessing Over This Hair Oil And They’re Noticing A Magical Difference!

Every girl out there is obsessed with beautiful long hair, perfect skin and ideal body weight. However, only a few are blessed with what they actually want. And even if you’re not, these things can always be worked on if you take really good care of yourself.


Speaking of zulfen, your zulfen require lots of patience, time and effort. Yes, they surely test your patience. Many of you would know the drill which is followed by weeks of oiling, trimming and what not. Yet, there are times when you’re on the verge of giving up when you don’t see the desired results. But hey, are you using the right oil? Or are you just picking random bottles of oil from the shelves?

Did you know that the best hair oils are actually those that ACTUALLY work and doesn’t play mind games? LOL.


Don’t go for the naqli baal abhi! Check out this hair oil that Pakistani girls can’t stop obsessing over! You’ll be amazed by its “jaadui’ effects! The Skin Care Company’s division ‘Hair Care’ has introduced their first product “Keshia Roghan e Moringa” and its uniqueness has become the talk to the town! Not only that, but this is the first time that ‘Moringa’ herb has been introduced in Pakistan!

Moringa oil is extracted from the Moringa Olefia Tree. It is widely known for its amazing benefits that it offers! And let us tell you that it has multiple benefits which will make every girl’s day since it offers magical results for the hair! Larkiyon, tayar hojao!!

1. Moisturizes scalp


Massaging Moringa oil onto your scalp gently does wonders to those who have really dry scalp. The henna in it will nourish both your scalp and hair to make them stronger and more beautiful.

2. The oil is made with 8 naturals herbs!


It has Moringa, Amla, Sikha Kai, Balcha, Kalonji etc. Yes, you best believe that oil is powerful and natural that will transform your hair without damaging them!

3. The bottle is EVERYTHING! It’s unique as it comes with an applicator! WOWZA!


It’s not something you’ll find in every hair oil bottle available in the market! The applicator will help the oil get to your roots!

4. Best to control hair fall, premature graying and regrowth!


Now is the time to control your hair and repair it!

5. Only 4 months and 3 days a week!


Using Keshia hair oil for only 4 months, 3 days in a week for healthy, long, shiny and strong hair will give you drastic results!

 Are you experiencing hair problems? Why don’t you try this oil yourself and share your feedback?

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