Kate Middleton Is Stealing The Show With Her Graceful Choice Of Clothes In The Royals Visit To Pakistan!

We all must have known by now that the members of the royal family of the United Kingdom are currently on their 5 day trip to Pakistan. The duke and duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, and Kate Middleton arrived in Pakistan on Monday. Its been years since a member of the royal family has visited Pakistan. So it was quite expected that they would receive a mammoth reception as well as a lot of attention.

They visited local schools and interacted with people from remote areas. They even visited a ceremony in a rickshaw and we Pakistani’s just couldn’t get over it without the praise of course. As we Pakistani’s got to know more about this new generation of the royals. The royal couple, however, dazzled us through every moment with their humble demeanor and how they showed respect to our culture. The way that they dressed was surely one of the main highlights.

The Duchess of Cambridge seems to be following the steps of Lady Dianna:

Just like the past when Princess Diana, mother of Prince William visited Pakistan. The way that she dressed paying homage to our traditions. We all remember that and we still swoon over the pictures of Princess Diana incorporating the Pakistani Culture into her outfit. It has been common among the royals to incorporate the culture of the country they are visiting into their wardrobe. It is a way of showing their respect towards their hosts. To have more connectivity with Pakistani traditions Kate Middleton has preferred to wear local brands.

Just look at how effortlessly graceful Dianna looked back in the days:

Since the arrival of the royals in Pakistan a little over two days ago, The Duchess of Cambridge has managed to grasp all the attention she could get. Especially over the Social media which is filled with people raving about her sense of style. Kate Middleton following the steps of her late mother in law took the same route when it came to choosing her dresses. With the help of local brands infused with the royal sense of class the outfits that Kate chose to wear are simply timeless and eternal.

One of the attires that she had chosen to wear was a green coat with white pants and a very elegant dupatta which we saw in the recent bonanza catalog!

In the picture above we can quite rightly see what this fuss on social media is all about. Her green colored coat and white pants with those amazing sandals are a combination for the ages. However, the thing which brings that traditional touch is the exquisite dupatta. The poly-silk dupatta with gold screen print and hand-made silk thread tassels on the edge was picked up from Bonanza.

The Duchess of Cambridge has an amazing sense of class, her next outfit proves that:

As we all know that blue is the color of royalty. The exquisite combination of dark and light blue with those contrasting shoes, the overall look really brings that sense of royalty.  The ooze of elegance and that enchanting royal touch is literally a bit difficult to ignore. Everything about her attire screams royalty simplicity and tradition.

On her visit to Pakistan, Kate Middleton did not opt for any of the international brands to be a part of her dressing. Even her earrings were brought from Pakistan. Still, she looks so just so effortlessly graceful. Kate Middleton has literally given us a fashion solution for the ages. Who else knows our tradition better than our very own. Right? It is all about getting the right combination, that’s it.


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