WATCH: Brave Daughter Of Kashmore ASI Reveals How She Met The Rapist & Got Him Arrested!

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On Thursday, a man, identified as Rafiq Malak, confessed to raping a woman and her underage daughter in Kashmore. Police arrested the suspect using a trap while an accomplice is currently at large. Reportedly, an Assistant sub-inspector (ASI) Muhammad Baksh used his own daughter as bait to arrest the rapist.

On Wednesday, a video, apparently recorded by police officials, was shared on social media. It showed the child struggling to respond as her mother asked what had been done to her. Her murmur, though not clearly audible in the recording, made her mother scream and burst into tears.

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A medical examination of the child also confirmed that she had been raped by more than two persons. According to the FIR, the woman was offered a job on October 25 and later traveled to Kashmore, where Malak and two of his accomplices detained the mother and daughter, subjecting them to gang-rape at Malak’s residence.

He later released the woman, telling her he would only let her daughter go if she brought him another woman from Karachi. The men severely tortured the 4-year-old and raped her.

The victim informed Kashmore police after which the police team raided Malik’s residence where they saw three men. Police are still on the lookout for the two accomplices. ASI officer Muhammad Baksh used his own daughter as bait and got hold of the rapist.

ASI officer introduced his own daughter to the rapist

The victim along with the ASI’s daughter contacted the main suspect over the phone. They invited him to a hotel where the police arrested him. They recovered the woman’s minor child from private premises on the information provided by the suspect.

Soon, social media users began applauding the officer for his instantaneous bravery.

As of now, a video of Bakhsh’s wife and daughter being interviewed has emerged on social media.

In the video, the mother of the brave child says, “We took this step for the sake of humanity. We sent our young daughter there in the presence of the police. The accused even shook her hand and asked her if she wants to do a job to which she said, yes.”

“For that one girl she did all this. She did not even used to have food, we felt like crying seeing her in that condition. Since three days, the atmosphere of our house has been disturbed. We were so worried even though we had not seen the girl in front of us. Allah will reward us for this. We sent our daughter there owing to humanity,” the mother added.

Source: Twitter

The daughter revealed, “That man asked the woman if she has brought a girl with her. She replied that yes I have brought a girl and we are in City Park. He then saw us, and asked us which girl. She pointed at me, to which he said ‘yes she is good’.”

“Then he shook my hand and asked if I would like to do a job. I said yes, and then the police came and arrested him,” she added. Such a brave family!

Watch the video below…

It is pertinent to mention here that the Sindh government is to write a letter to the center recommending that Baksh be given the highest police award, the ‘Quaid-i-Azam Police Medal’. Meanwhile, the Sindh government will also push to give his daughter the highest civil award. Needless to say, they truly deserve it!

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