Kashmiris Expose The 'Normalcy' & Brutality By Indians And The Details Are Extremely Disturbing!

Kashmiris Expose The ‘Normalcy’ & Brutality By Indians And The Details Are Extremely Disturbing!

It’s been 30 days since the Indian government forced curfew in Kashmir. Life has come to a standstill, yet the Indian media keeps chanting normalcy is returning to Kashmir.  However, the situation on the ground is far from normal. Or maybe this is the new normal in Kashmir.

Roads are blocked with barbed wire fences and barriers at every corner. Businesses are closed shut for the past month. Schools, colleges and universities are closed and the daily wagers are literally going hungry. Hundreds of youth have been arrested and are going through horrible torture in the jails. And even to reach a hospital, you have to walk all the way.

Source: CNN

Critical patients, too, are not allowed to use vehicles

Even full-term pregnant women are forced to walk to the hospitals in their vulnerable conditions. To add to the trauma, they are required to request the army at every checkpoint to let them pass.

Source: The wire.in

People don’t have money, because there’s no work, and nobody can leave home. There’s a total communication blackout and those who reach the hospital are unable to go back. The hospital corridors are filled with attendants and the patients who are stuck at the hospital. Some of them really have to beg for food and they can’t even reach out to their families and friends.

Source: Daily Excelsior

Kashmiris are living under constant fear. Police and army raid the neighborhoods, arrest young men and harass their families. Depression is prevailing in the valley, a deep sense of being mistreated for so many years has turned into anger.

Source: AP Photo/ Dar Yasin

Not all Kashmiris were pro-Pakistan or pro-freedom just one month back, but now they have lost confidence in the Indian government. They know India only cares about the land and not the people. Nobody is safe not even the pro-Indian politicians – MPAs, MNAs and the Ex CMs of Kashmir. Here’s a new report by Quint on the normalcy being projected on the Indian media. The Kashmiri police have been disarmed because India fears a riot.

Why is there are curfew if everything is normal? Watch the full video below!

This is what’s really happening in the Indian occupied Kashmir. The whole valley has turned in to a pressure cooker. Despite all the torture, killings, atrocities tear gas and pellet guns people come out to protest any chance they get. And I feel this is the turning point in the Kashmir conflict. The fear is turning into anger, a bottled-up rage.

Merey Watan Teri Jannat me Ayengey Ek Din

The common Pakistanis have been watching the plight of Kashmiris, we 90s kids grew up watching Kashmir magazine on PTV and listening to the ” Merey watan Teri Jannat me Ayengey Ek Din,” ballad. It’s been ages and yet the Kashmiris are stuck in the same situation in fact, even worse.

I hope this time Kashmiris get what they deserve the right of self-determination and that they could be free from trauma, pain, and sufferings. I hope the future generation of Kashmir will grow up in a normal environment.

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