3-Year-Old Kashmiri Boy Who Cried Near Grandfather’s Body Says ‘Indian Police Killed Him’


Hundreds of people in Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK) staged are protesting a day after Indian forces killed an elderly Kashmiri man in front of his minor grandson.

The family of Bashir Ahmed Khan has said that he was dragged out of his car and shot dead by Indian paramilitary troopers. His three-year-old grandson was also traveling with him. The world then saw the poor child pictured sitting on his chest.

Such is the life of the Kashmiris in their own land. Indian forces have made lives Kashmiris hell. Why? Because they want the forces to leave their land and let them live independently.

New videos have now emerged where the toddler can be seen saying the Indian police killed his grandfather. When asked in the videos who killed his ‘papa’, he said “Police killed him.”

What did the child tell?

The 3-year-old Kashmir used to call his grandfather ‘papa’. Now at least two videos of the young boy are doing rounds on social media in which he is saying that the Indian forces killed his grandfather.

Video 1

When asked what happened to papa he said “Police walon ne unko mardia tha (police had killed him), unko mar dia tha (he was killed). Kish ne mara (Who killed him?), he replied “Police wale ne thak kia, thak thak thak thak thak kia.

Video 2

In this video by The Wire, the boy is seen playing in a plastic tub and eating some snacks. When asked what happened to papa there, he said, “Papa ko goli mari policewale ne (A policeman killed papa).” The boy said again, “Policewala ne goli mari (A policeman shot at him).”

Mujhe gaari mai mazaa aya tha. Papa margaya (I enjoyed the drive. Papa died. Police killed him).”

“Locals said that Bashir Ahmed Khan was brought out of his car and shot dead by the [Indian] forces,” his nephew told AFP.

“They told us that someone in uniform then put the child on his chest as he lay dead on the road and took photographs.”

Hundreds assembled at the man’s funeral near the main city of Srinagar shouting, “We want freedom”.

The photo of the child sat on the body of his dead grandfather has widely been shared on social media. But, is it serving any purpose? Is it waking the world up? We can just that Kashmir where Muslims are a victim of brutality at the ends of the evil Indian forces is free one day.

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