Indian Forces Torture Kashmiri Kids And Force Them To Chant Anti-Pakistan Slogans

It was a very hot afternoon in the summers of 1947 when Sir Cyril Radcliffe demarcated the borders between Pakistan and India, creating one of the biggest controversies and issues which yet remain unsolved after 70 years. Kashmir, still a disputed territory and occupied by Indian forces, has never seen peace.

Being a bone of contention between India and Pakistan, the youth of Kashmir still doesn’t know who will come to their rescue, or if anyone would at all. A video that surfaced recently shows exactly what we mean, as young Kashmiri kids, who are pro-independence and siding with Pakistan, being brutally beaten up by Indian forces.


If the inhumane form of torture with sticks and kicks wasn’t enough, the young boys are then shoved into an Indian Army jeep where they are forced to go against their basic beliefs, literally at gunpoint. The video is allegedly from a Government college in Pulwama, Indian Occupied Kashmir. The young students had a pro-Pakistan ideology and were forced to chant anti-Pakistan slogans.

The appalling video shows young students of Kashmir being belted with sticks and sepoys of Indian forces hurling disgusting abuses at them and their families. The kids are being slapped across their faces and being forced to say “Pakistan Murdabad!” – Scared, bleeding and in pain, the kids do as they are told. Even after going against their basic rights, the students are abused and beaten.

At the end of the video, one Indian sepoy drags a boy and takes him out of the jeep to beat him again, because his anger isn’t over by then. With acts as inhumane and unrighteous as these, Indians then question why Mujahideen like Burhan Wani want to work for Kashmir’s independence.


The Indian government’s new favorite time pass is talking about Balochistan, saying that the people of the province do not get their rights. Do they not take a deep look in their collar first, where is the basic civil rights of the Kashmiris? Do they not think that with acts like these, they can kill one Burhan Wani but give birth to a thousand others?

The shocking video has gone viral and has raised a lot of new questions. The act cannot be justified in any way. Not just the abuses, the forced chanting, and the beating, the footage is filmed by Indian sepoys themselves, which clearly shows how much pride and joy they take in the pain of these young Kashmiris.

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