Kashmiri Reporter Ahmer Khan Wins Kate Webb Prize For IOK Coverage

kashmir reporter

With the curfews and high-security influence over Kashmir, the lockdown in the Indian Occupied Kashmir is still tense. Despite these intricacies, freelance journalist Ahmer Khan secured the Kate Webb Prize, this Thursday.

The footage from his feature film extensively covered the grounds in Indian Occupied Kashmir during Delhi’s lockdown of the disputed region.

kashmir reporter

source: dawn

The Kate Webb Prize beholds a 3,000 euro ($3,400) purse. It is bestowed upon those journalists who fight for their honour and work in perilous or difficult conditions in Asia. Moreover, the award is named after a crusading AFP reporter. The heroic 64-year-old reporter died in 2007, after covering many trouble-spots in the world during his career.

Winning The Award Despite The Difficulties

The prestigious award is offered to journalists who are locally hired in Asia and tend to operate in risky or operating in risky or laborious conditions. Nonetheless, Ahmer was bestowed with the award on presenting his series of videos, which clearly depicted the lockdown in Kashmir. Additionally, his videos illustrated the impact on the Muslim majority, after India decided to abrogate Kashmir’s status.

Above all, Modi’s government imposed curtailment on movement along with a communications blackout. Consequently, cutting the occupied Kashmir off from this world, virtually.

Without a doubt, Ahmer went out into the streets, covering the concerns and frustrations among the residents of Srinagar and other cities in occupied Kashmir.

kashmir reporter

source: thekashmirwalla

Ahmer’s Influence On The Win

Despite the communication blockade, Ahmer flew in and out of Dehli in order to cover his news. Contrary to that, the AFP’s Asia-Pacific regional director Philippe Massonnet commended Ahmer by saying: “Reporting from Kashmir at this time has been extremely challenging for everyone. Including the established foreign media.”

He added: “For an independent, local journalist those challenges have been far greater. And it is to Ahmer’s enormous credit that he has managed to provide accurate, high-quality journalism. At this time this was sorely needed.”

Besides that, Ahmer sheds light on his win saying: “This is a real honor, and a huge motivation to carry on my work with enthusiasm and determination.

Following that, he added: “I want to dedicate this award to the courageous and resilient journalists from Kashmir who have been reporting in extremely difficult conditions for the past six months. This is a collective award.

The report also mentions that Ahmer Khan will be receiving the award in a ceremony in Hong Kong later this year.

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