Kashmiri Mujahideen Kill Indian Army Colonel & 4 Other Soldiers In Retaliation

freedom fighters kashmir

It has not been a year yet when India forcefully removed article 35A and 370 from its constitution. Furthermore, the repercussions of the Kashmir fiasco are far-reaching. As per reports, Freedom fighters in Indian held Kashmir, in Handwara district killed several soldiers.

According to reports, the freedom fighters killed one colonel, one major along with two of their juniors and sub-inspector.

As per Indian media, the Indian army and police went to operate against Freedom Fighters after getting news that they have held hostages. However, the picture is not clear yet the only certain thing is freedom fighters killed the army personnel for their brutality and genocide against Kashmiris.

freedom fighters kashmir

Source: Twitter

Since the revocation of article 370 and 35A, there is a complete lockdown in Kashmir. Following that, Kashmiris are in constant adversity living without media, and basic necessities.

According to United Nations resolutions, Kashmir is a disputed matter. Nevertheless, India fetched the disputed territory into its internal land. Consequently, the freedom fighters protested. When their protest was not enough and reportedly the Indian army brutally killed innocents, they took guns and started fighting the Indian Army.

Indians as always, saying  Pakistan has conspired the attach against India. However, Kashmiri’s are celebrating the victory on social media platforms.

Seems true

Many appreciating the freedom fighters

‘Freedom Fighters’

Aditya Raj Indian journalist saying Pakistan did this! When they fail they blame Pakistan

‘Indian Army can never win this war against the resistance’

‘India could not control our fearless freedom fighters’

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