Here’s How Kashmir Celebrated Pakistan’s Stunning Victory Over India

It’s Eid before Eid for Pakistanis because our national cricket team just won the ICC Champions Trophy and against India. This monumental win has made Pakistanis around the world most happy and people are seriously having the time of their lives. Celebrations sprung as the team won over India and Pakistanis in every part of the world embraced it.

Pakistan cricket fans in Kashmir also led epic celebrations as the team won the final on Sunday.

Fireworks lit the sky in Kashmir as the people rejoiced over Pakistan’s win

Video:- Fireworks in #Kashmir as #Pakistan Defeats India to Lift #CT17, #MirwaizUmarFarooq joins celebrations.

Gepostet von Shahr E Khaas Heart Of Freedom Struggle am Montag, 19. Juni 2017

As you can see people are overjoyed seeing Pakistan win with as many as 180 runs. Not only this, but the Pakistan’s bowling attack led by Muhammad Amir could not provide a breathing space for MS Dhoni, or Virat Kohli after the young talent knocked out Sharma after just 3 balls. No wonder why fans have headed out to streets and main roads to celebrate this historic win.

With Fireworks In Hands, Kashmiris Made Sure To Let India Know Who They Were Rooting For

Such scenes were found almost everywhere in Kashmir as people celebrated Pakistan’s first Champions Trophy. This victory marked the completion of set for Pakistan, winning a World cup, T20 World Cup, test mace, and now a Champions Trophy.

Here we can here Kashmiris from the occupied territory, chanting Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan as they lit up fireworks.

Whereas This Video Is Taken Directly From Sirinagar And Shows The Same Kind Of Celebration And Joy Upon Pakistan’s Epic Victory.

Even This Political Leader Could Not Hold Back As Pakistan Crushed India In The Most Epic Of Finals

Pakistan’s victory against India was one of the most watched sports final, outnumbering the Super Bowl, UEFA Champions League Final, and other famous sporting events by a great deal of numbers. Such is the fame of this rivalry. Even though a lot of rants were hurled by each side on social media, it should be acknowledged that India is still a team can give Pakistan a hard time and Pakistan is that team who can only be defeated by Pakistan itself.

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