Merciless Indian Army Kill 3-Year-Old Child’s Grandfather In Front Of Him In Kashmir

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The feud between India and Pakistan on Kashmir is never-ending. However, Indian held Kashmir is becoming a hell on earth for Muslim families residing there. It is quite harsh and inexplicable to see the cruelty that Indian forces are putting the Muslim community in Kashmir through.

The boy and his father

The brutalities in Indian held Kashmir have been ongoing for a long time. From unnecessary lockdown to killing people. There has been complete havoc in Indian held Kashmir. Moreover, most Muslim families are now confined and limited to stay indoors without the chance to even go out. Unnecessary violence has been crafted all over the disputed land. However, the most recent event that shook us to the core, is how a young 3-year-old boy sits near the dead body of what some suggest to be his father while some say, grandfather.

Humanity is truly lost! When you see such brutality and devastation grow within a society it is hard to believe humans could actually kill one another of fascist believes and ideologies, just for the sake of the land and power. The police later rescued him and handed him over to his mother. What the Indian media portrayed as a terrorist attack, was later on proven to be the Indian forces themselves.

How did Indians respond on Twitter?

The poor kid is seen sitting near the dead body of his father. The family and eyewitnesses are saying that it was the Indian army and forces that caused this misery to happen.  What is terrifying is that Kashmir is becoming land for no man to live in. Especially, if they are Muslims. Kashmir bleeds relentlessly every day and yet the world stays quiet.  Seeing the situation in Palestine is no happy-go-merry either.

Although the situation is horrifying and heartbreaking, the more terrifying aspect of this situation is the different ways through which Indians have been responding to the situation on Twitter. By calling Islam and Pakistanis as terrorists, the situation keeps on worsening.

By referring to this brutality as a good thing and labeling Pakistan as a terrorist country, despite seeing the actual thing with their own eyes. It is only proving how much hatred they really comprise in their hearts; how the fascist mindset of Modi is blinding and depriving them of humanity.

The cries of each family that is dying are not only heartbreaking but so devastating to that it might want to make your ears bleed. We hope that Kashmir, Palestine, and every Muslim that is becoming a victim of brutality and terrorism get a chance for enjoying the real freedom and real soon.

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