A Sikh Pilgrim From UK Expresses His Gratitude On Kartarpur Corridor!

Sikh Pilgrim from UK Kartapur Corridor

The spirits are high, positive and in favor of Pakistan. Today marks the day when both rival countries (Pakistan and India) showed what they truly stand for. Kartarpur Corridor’s inauguration ceremony commenced and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts to promote regional peace and inter-faith harmony have come to fruition.

Pakistan following the teachings of Islam that advise Muslims to live in harmony with the non-Muslims. Today, Kartarpur Corridor is an example of minorities being given the freedom to practice their faith openly in Pakistan. Moreover, this also lines with the iconic statement of the founder of Pakistan; Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

However, India on the very day of Kartarpur’s inauguration proved itself to be anything but tolerant towards the religious minorities; especially the Muslims. India announced Babri Mosque’s disputed land to be handed over to the Hindus. The Muslims have repeatedly shown written proof of the mosque to be built by the Mughals, however, India’s SC failed to recognize the plea.

Babri Mosque India SC

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But, in the friendly neighborhood of Pakistan, the Sikhs arrive from far-flung places of the UK, all the way to Pakistan. This is the first time in decades, countless Sikhs will be able to visit Guru Nanak’s resting place. It holds an extremely esteemed significance for every Sikh brother and sister. One brother from the UK explains his emotions including that of everyone attending today.

A Sikh Pilgrim from the UK expresses his gratitude!

Imran Khan’s official Facebook page shared this video with a message that read, “Today Pakistan has not only opened its border but also hearts for the Sikh Community. This unprecedented gesture of goodwill from the Government of Pakistan is a reflection of deep respect for Baba Guru Nanak Dev Ji and religious sentiments of Sikh Community who always wanted to have an easy access to the shrine of their spiritual leader and perform their religious obligations.”

Pakistan welcomes each and every pilgrim from all over the world. Moreover, this beautiful country has always respected minorities, their faith, culture, and traditions. Unlike India, that has only set examples of Hindu extremism, barbarity and utter disrespect towards their Muslim minorities in various shapes and forms.

The world witnessed the beauty of Pakistan and the integrity of its leader; Imran Khan. We congratulate not just Imran Khan but every Sikh Pilgrim that is set out to visit Pakistan.

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