Kartarpur Love: Pakistani Bus Driver And Sikh Journalist Melt Hearts

Robin Singh Saddam Kartarpur

With the Kartarpur Corridor finally opened after decades of effort, the emotional stories keep on pouring. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts have facilitated people and cut-short historical differences.

With thousands of Indians, mostly Sikhs, coming to Pakistan on Baba Guru Nanak’s 550th birthday, we have seen tremendous moments. One such incident is going viral on the internet, melting hearts everywhere.

A recorded conversation between a Pakistani bus driver and an Indian journalist proves what the Kartarpur Corridor is all about. The touching words of both men are winning hearts on both sides of the border.

The conversation was recorded by an Indian journalist/reporter named Ravinder Singh Robin. Robin was being escorted by a Pakistani bus driver named Saddam Hussain. Saddam, upon being asked about how he felt about the Kartarpur Corridor being opened, instantly won Robin’s heart.

I don’t think you are as happy as me. The way my eyes are full of tears, I am extremely happy!” said Saddam Hussain, the bus driver. Saddam had previously worked in the Middle East and had many Sikh friends. Saddam said Sikhs were like brothers to him.

Moreover, the statement that Saddam made for the event’s comparison to Hajj, sent warm waves down everyone’s hearts. “Seeing all the Sikhs here, it gives me the feeling that Muslims have when they go for Hajj. This is the same experience for you,” he added.

Saddam was driving Robin in a Kartarpur shuttle service from the Indo-Pak border to Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Narowal, Punjab. The conversation between the two took place in Punjabi. The compassionate words of Saddam Hussain made journalist Robin grin with pride and sheer happiness.

Kartarpur unites Punjab

In addition, Saddam stated that this historic event has united Punjab again. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts indeed have united Punjab, just as it was before partition. Indian Sikhs have been thanking PM Khan for his efforts.

The Sikh community from all over the world has been traveling to Pakistan for the Kartarpur Corridor opening. Only 155 Sikhs came from London the other day to attend the auspicious event.

Saddam Hussain further praised and prayed for the Sikh community, stating that he wished Indians kept coming to Pakistan. The love and adoration the common people of both countries share are above any politics or agendas.

Saddam concluded his heartwarming message with some personal shoutouts to his Sikh friends in the Middle East. This conversation might not mean much to many. But to those with warmth and compassion, it speaks volumes about the arms-wide-open nature of Muslims and Pakistanis in specific.


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