Karan Johar Unfollows All Bollywood Celebrities After Bullying Allegations Against Him

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As days pass by, people in both India and Pakistan seem to not let go of the death of the handsome and young actor Sushant Singh Rajput who committed suicide on 14th June 2020. A number of conspiracies hit social media the minute the news broke out.

Allegations fly out

As social media spiraled around with different allegations pointing towards the Bollywood industry for bullying Sushant Singh Rajput on and off. Next to that, investigations showed that Sushant was facing heat from almost everyone in the Bollywood Industry.

To name a few, Bollywood kings, Karan Johar had been quite offensive and harsh with Sushant Singh on a continuous basis. Then again, practicing nepotism within the industry has been also one of his things. However, the actual trolling began, when Karan Johar had the audacity, to post a tweet saying that he is shocked and saddened by the death of his ‘friend’ Sushant Singh Rajput, when in actuality, he had been doing nothing but mocking him when he was alive. Let’s be honest, isn’t that a tad bit too hypocritical? Even for Karan Johar.

Just a while back, wasn’t he the one making fun of Sushant Singh while laughing with Aliya Bhat on his show about how Sushant Singh Rajput used to be a TV Star. It is indeed sad to see how one point is contradicting the other. So much to say that the story doesn’t end there folks. Fans were enraged seeing this hypocrisy and couldn’t take it.

They started trolling Karan Johar for being a major bully. In other words, not only was Karan Johar shaded, in fact all those that had been harsh to Sushant Singh Rajput were called upon. From the Khans to the young stars. One by one, the trolls started to increase. Many kept on remembering Sushant Singh and regretting for not keeping in touch with him, especially when he was facing such a hard time.

Petitions begin surfacing against these bullies of the entire Bollywood industry. As all this chaos spiraled to a more vicious turn, Kangana Ranaut’s video came into view, where she full on put the entire blame on Karan Johar, well pretty much indirectly, by saying it was his stance that caused the actor’s death.

Karan Johar fights back

The Bollywood industry is no different than any high school drama. However, things are likely to get more raunchy and well hot, when another celebrity reacts back, irrationally. Following Sushant Singh’s death, both Karan Johar and many other celebrities lost their fandom and followings. Oddly, though instead of taking in consideration of the situation and accepting their mistake; Karan Johar and Alia Bhat have taken an even more vicious turn.

The best stance that Karan Johar took despite all the trolls was by unfollowing all celebrities that he knew, except for Sharukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachan. Now is that a wise decision? Some may say its a laying low tactic, while others think its completely selfish.

Alia Bhat on the other hand, may have been the worst in this case. She refused to speak at all on the matter. Not did she offer condolences. Icy much? What can we say. Bollywood is Bollywood. Let’s just hope justice prevails and no more Sushants are killed due to bullying.

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