Karachi’s “Pathan ka Chai Paratha” a Delight in Itself!

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There is no doubt about the fact that Pakistanis are food lovers and delicious food is a major element in celebrations.


Every city of Pakistan has its own taste and food culture which gradually mixes up with the other leading to the “Delicious Desi Food” phenomenon.


Karachi, the metro city and business hub of Pakistan is blessed with taste and the people of Karachi are definite food enthusiasts. The Karachi Food Festival, held at Frere Hall, Saddar is the best example of their love for food!

There are a thousand of varieties in the category of food, further experimentation and self-created differentiation, forming a whole big foodie world in Karachi.

When it comes to breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s difficult what to choose over the other. However, when talking about breakfast, one of the longest running food trends in Karachi apart from the “Yummy Halwa Poori”, is the irresistible choice of the famous “Pathan Ka Chai Paratha”, a common yet popular option for food lovers.


Every morning, when starting our routine, we see these small hotels in streets and markets with a number of visitors, irrespective of age, gender and social status desperate to enjoy the delicious breakfast of chai paratha. A great add-on is an egg omelet. Many of the passersby are unable to resist the aroma – the only two options are either to walk away quickly or to shout out loud, “Lala! Aik chai paratha”.

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The best part about this breakfast is that it is inexpensive, making the trip to Karachi affordable and within budget for most travelers.

Pathan Ka chai paratha can undoubtedly be a classic treat for visitors visiting Karachi. It enables us to experience the taste as well as the culture of Karachi. Although it belongs to the Sindh province, Pathan chai culture has no match.

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