Karachiites Have Found A New Mode Of Transportation After Rain Today

karachi rain

The metropolis faced an immediate power outage and traffic jam as multiple areas experience heavy rainfall on Friday. Media reports indicated numerous roads getting inundated with rainwater, causing traffic jams.

Karachiites soon found a new mode of transportation to avoid traffic jams and flooded streets. As the rainwater flood over the main roads people were seen taking out their lifeboats to travel from one place to another.

Pakistanis are no doubt very innovative and know how to fulfil their needs (LOL!). Despite all the madness that rain brings in Pakistan and particularly Karachi, people enjoyed the weather to the fullest. It seems like they were waiting for a downpour.

It was just a few minutes of heavy showers that cause severe damage to the city. Reports noted that trees near the Karachi Press Club (KPC) got uprooted and fell on nearby vehicles. Water started stagnating at major streets of Karachi. Situation near Airport worsened due to at least 1.5-foot deep rainwater on the roads, including Drigh Road and Shahre Faisal with traffic coming to a halt.

As expected power supply was cut off in multiple areas due to the rain under the influence of a monsoon system.

Despite having a rain prediction a week ago, the government didn’t take any necessary measures to tackle the situation. Now, the Sindh energy department has established a special rain emergency cell to provide emergency information about incidents of electrocution or power outage in the province during the current season of monsoon.


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