Karachiites Living in DHA – Beware as there is a Maid who may Cause Some Serious Issues to You!

Safety is one of the most important concerns when it comes to letting an outsider work at your home. We have heard a number of stories where maids and servants robbed the owners or were the reason behind the robbery. Therefore, it has always been suggested not to leave the house unsupervised in the presence of the helpers.

However, what to do when someone tries to scam their way through to enter your house?

According to Facebook page: Karachi Walay, the verified news of how a mid is entering the homes of locals for robbery purpose.

Here’s what the Post Reads:

*First hand verified information, please share with your contacts.*

This is happening in DHA, especially in phase 8. A lady rings the doorbell pretending to be a maid from the neighborhood, and asks whoever opens the door, to call on a cell number, that she gives, immediately, saying that it’s an emergency and her baji wants to talk to you.
She also insists to come inside and talk to the house lady. She usually has all the information of people living in the house she targets. If you call on the number she provides, no one picks up, but that’s a way for them to get your number. She comes in a rickshaw that waits nearby so she can get away quickly, if needed.

Another lady has been showing up with her, offering to work as a maid. Both ladies belong to the same gang/group.

Everyone please stay alert and call on this number if they show up.
*The number for any emergency for dha ia 1092 ,needs no code*

Karachiites and everyone reading this need to be extra careful as this is something not only dangerous in terms of stealing but can also be life-threatening as they may lead to kidnapping.

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