This Karachiite Turned A Garbage Corner Into A Greenery Spot

This Karachiite Turned A Garbage Corner Into A Greenery Spot And Won Our Hearts

If you’re a Karachiite, chances are you must be perplexed about the shambolic infrastructure and garbage lingering nearly every corner around the city. You have grown up in this beautiful city, it has riveted your memories and you simply store a special place in your heart for it. No matter where you go in the world, you will never find a place like Karachi. It simply gets to every Karachiite – the proximity of our fondness for this city is irreplaceable and despite all imperfections, we still love this city!

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A day doesn’t pass without people of Karachi expressing their sheer concern about the lackluster situation of the city. Politicians, authorities in charge and general public simply blame each other and nobody wants to bat an eye over their individual conduct. Every citizen has an individual responsibility that they must fulfill. If they are bothered about an issue and see no call to action, taking the initiative themselves and delivering an example really matters. We have a person who pretty much did the same. On his return to Karachi, he witnessed the shambolic condition of his city and urged to play an important role in countering it. He’s done a commendable job that most of us wouldn’t even dare to think of.

Saim Rizvi – the guy who turned an illegal garbage spot into a breathtaking spot of greenery on his own!

So, on a given day when he returned to Karachi from Germany, he founded an abandoned corner swamping of garbage. It was an illegal dump and the stench emerging was horrible. Not only it was hazardous for the environment but a breeding ground for all kinds of diseases ready to infect the neighborhood. In fact, it was a busy spot and there is a children’s school nearby.

Credits: Saim Rizvi

We got in touch with him and he tells that he found this wasteful spot in a scrappy condition. He single-handedly took the initiative, planted 60 trees around the spot and gradually in 6 months, absolutely changed the picture. He diligently spent hours and hours working on it, cleaning every bit of waste and absolutely directed people not to dump on this spot.

Credits: Saim Rizvi

Credits: Saim Rizvi

People followed suit and now continue to maintain the beautiful spot that was once a ruin. He has been living in Germany for the past 18 years and when he returned to Karachi, he couldn’t bear the sight of this spot in his neighborhood that he decided to absolutely change it.

Credits: Saim Rizvi

Kudos to this Karachiite for his incredible work! He has certainly inspired us with his great deal of effort. He puts a brilliant example for everyone out there and we wish this beautiful spot remains evergreen.

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