Anonymous Donor’s Act Of Kindness Will Help Beat Coronavirus

Karachiite Donates Sindh Coronavirus Emergency Fund

Crises come and go but what is always remembered is how nations dealt with it. The coronavirus disease also did not fail to bring out the best in Pakistanis. An 88-year-old anonymous donor has just gave the Sindh government a million rupees to beat COVID-19.

Pakistan, along with other countries has taken strict measures to defeat the deadly pandemic. The virus until today has already killed thousands of people worldwide and six in the country.

Sindh is currently under lockdown for the last two days after the PPP-led provincial government urged the citizens to remain indoors. However, many are out there to help support the provincial in these trying times.

On Tuesday, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah took to Twitter and announced the news of an anonymous donation to the Sindh Coronavirus Emergency Fund.

According to the CM, however, the donor had requested to keep his identity hidden.

Pakistan’s biggest challenge

The country is dealing with one of the biggest challenges it has ever encountered. The coronavirus has led to immense fear and uncertainty among the people worldwide, even common civilians are doing their best ensuring that the country fight this battle in the strongest manner possible.

Karachiite Donates Sindh Coronavirus Emergency Fund

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The kind gesture of the senior citizen was lauded not only by the minister but people from every segment of society also thanked him.


At a time, when coronavirus is expected to cause economic mayhem, the government of Pakistan on Tuesday also announced a hefty relief package. However, such an act of kindness by the anonymous donor will definitely strengthen the resolve of the nation to continue fighting the challenge ahead.


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