WTH! This Karachi ‘Spoiled Brat’ Slaps A Poor Mall Guard For Not Letting Her In As Per New Timings

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In order to deal with the rising cases of COVID-19, smart lockdown and the micro lockdown have been imposed in Karachi since Saturday. Amidst the malls following the revised timings as per the smart lockdown, a woman in Karachi decided to go to one and slapped a guard for not opening the barrier before its opening time.

What is with the ignorant and so-called ‘elites’ of our society using privilege to insult the cops, traffic officers, and guards? Since last year many cases seem to be rapidly piling up, as the privileged continue to misbehave with the on-duty traffic police officers. However, this time a security guard has been slapped for doing his duty.

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In a video that has surfaced on social media, a woman can be seen hurling abuses at a security guard of a mall in Karachi. As it appears, following the new timings in line with the recent lockdown, there was still some time for the mall to open.

However, this spoilt brat decided to go before its opening time. Instead of admitting herself being on fault, she goes on to brutally slapping the guard, and shouts insults at him. The poor guard was slapped merely for doing his duty, and not opening the barrier as per the revised timings of the mall.

Watch the blood boiling video here

Those born with the privilege of affluence have successfully demonstrated their complete disregard for utter humanity. In fact, they are so delusional from their sense of entitlement that they think they are capable of hitting and abusing whoever they want.

How dare she? Kindly leave your sense of entitlement at home

Not only did she have the audacity to slap the poor guy but also resorted to gross and barbaric language. What’s beyond one is what gives these people the courage to do so. When you clearly know that you are the one at fault, why not just accept? But no, the sort of mentality these people possess is above our head.

The sense of superiority is evidently getting to the head of the so-called elites of our society. Somehow, the elite culture has made them believe that they are ‘above the law’. If they are not afraid of the law, what on earth would they be afraid of then?

Clearly, the root of the real problem is the rich. Their empire solely establishes owing to the exploitation of the poor. We all know, even today, the middle and upper class, both are depriving the guards and domestic workers of their rights. This false sense of entitlement is the crux of the problem we are suffering as a nation.

“The spoiled offspring of a rich father, this anger, this pride, this ego is possible only and only through capital and power. This woman in jeans may have forgotten her times. I wish it was fun to have this anger on someone equal to your status. Their pride is only limited to the poor.”

A number of similar cases have piled up. Last year, a man was recorded misbehaving with the on-duty police official. Hence, this proves that it is not police officials who misuse their legal authority, it is also the citizens who shove their power in the face of these policemen. Looks like everyone in Pakistan is either a ‘colonel’s wife’ or a ‘colonel’!

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