Heavy Rain Batters Karachi Again – Is The Weather System Over The City Getting Stronger?

Karachi rains

There seems no ending to the perpetual rains of Karachi. This looks like one of the worst rains of Karachi. The whole city is going down. Last few weeks, clouds burst into the city, and the lives of netizens are at stack.

To our utter dismay, a new torrential pattern of rains is coming to wreak havoc on the city. At least five people have been killed during urban flooding so far in the city, according to Dawn.

On August 25, Karachi broke the record for the highest amount of rain since 1931. Today, Karachi is witnessing thunderstorms. The city looks like a pool. Underpasses are drenched in water, cars have sunk and people are finding higher places to live at.

Several posts of Karachi are heart-wrenching that are surfacing on social media.

Tragic scenes from across Karachi

Look at the Clifton underpass…OMG!

Scenes from the University Road.

II Chundrigar Road is all covered in rainwater as well.

Jinnah International Airport.

North Nazimabad.


DHA PHASE 6 right now…

Well, the recent patterns of rain showcase the upcoming days are more dangerous. Although some weather forecasters are saying rain chances are less in the city in the coming days, the satellite images say otherwise.

Moreover, following this, the government authorities have urged public to safe.

Sindh told the public to call helpline 1101 or contact on 0347-9001111 via WhatsApp for assistance, as per Radio Pakistan. Denizens can also call Edhi Centre at 115 and Chhipa at 1020.

Meanwhile, adding fuel to fire, many areas of Karachi are deprived of electricity. The present situation of Karachi is the collective failure of the Sindh government.

However, as the patterns of rain seem perilous, people should stay safe, the upcoming days must become more disastrous.

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