The Staggering Rise In The Fee Structure Of Karachi's Private Schools

The Staggering Rise In The Fee Structure Of Karachi’s Private Schools Is Alarming For Everyone!

Education is a fundamental need for a human being’s upbringing. It’s the particular trait that accounts for a person to be a responsible citizen in a society.

Pakistan suffers from a major void when it comes to education. A staggering percentage of children still do not go to school today and they mainly belong from the destitute lot. What is worst that these numbers are rising drastically and we are not seeing a rapid change to counterfeit it.

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The reality is grim about education in Pakistan. It only favors those who have the resources to afford it, while the poor and needy only have to scramble towards sub-standard choices, or in other words, government institutions. Indeed, public schools are not up to the mark. Educational reforms for these public schools have not been revised and attended in proper terms.


If today a Pakistani needs to acquire a quality education, he has to head to quality schools and be ready to empty his pockets. It is a reality that educational institutions, ranging from primary and secondary to college always charge a shocking amount of finance in exchange for the standard education.

Latest reports have unveiled this fact more; check out the staggering amount of fees some of the private schools are charging:

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This is just a small insight. The full list revealing school fees as well as admission costs and other fees as of March 2017 can be viewed here.

Arguably, these institutions hold quite a reputation. In the name of a benchmark reputation and faculty, they charge such substantial amount of fees from parents. It indeed has worried people in the city and there seem to be in control over it.

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To think it is ever justifiable, then we may highlight the pros of a quality education and environment some of the best schools listed boast off. It is indeed nourishing for your child. Besides, faculties now are more and more scrutinized. The market is flooded with some of the best names and everyone seems to seek some ‘particular names’ as a fundamental reason to acquire admission in a particular school.

What do you guys think about the astonishing rise in the fee structure of these private schools in Karachi? Do you think it is justifiable in any way?

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