Karachi Police ‘Updates Software’ Of Citizens Resisting COVID-19 Lockdown

Public Retaliate To Lockdown By Karachi Police 

A viral video on Sunday showed an example of how Karachi’s police have strictly enforced the lockdown throughout the city.

Karachi Police impose lockdown in Garden Area

On Sunday afternoon, Karachi Police tried to impose lockdown in the Garden area. However, there was some retaliation from the public. As a result, the police started beating the public for not adhering with orders.

Later that day, SSP City took notice of the police officers and suspended them. A tweet by international journalist Wajahat Kazmi depicted the incident.

Kazmi tweeted: “Karachi Police in action. The message is clear. Stay home and stay safe or else they are there to update the software. It’s time for the people to stop being stubborn and respect the law.”



This was not the first incidence of public retaliation against Karachi police on the enforcement of lockdown. On Friday April 10th, a female SHO in-charge of Pirabad police station in the Orangi Town locality was attacked by a mob after authorities tried to restrict Friday congregational prayers.

Source: The News

This was the third Friday after the government of Sindh had imposed a lockdown in view of the COVID-19 outbreak. Many individuals insisted on offering the Friday congregational prayers and violated the directives provided by the Sindh government. As per the orders of the Sindh government, the maximum number of worshipers at any mosque during the lockdown shouldn’t exceed five individuals.

Sharafat Khan, female SHO of the Pirabad police, reached the Haqqani Mosque in Frontier Colony.

The SHO asked the individuals present at the mosque to pray at home. Instead of cooperating with the SHO, a group of individuals started to pelt her with stones. As a result of this, the police officer received minor injuries.

Sindh government seals of 11 UC’s

The Sindh government has certainly been very active to reduce the spread of COVID-19, specifically in Karachi. On April 12th, the Sindh government sealed off 11 UCs in East district to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Gulf News

A notification was issued by the deputy commissioner of Karachi. The notification said that all the areas falling in the limits of UC-6 Gilani Railway, UC-7 Dalmia, UC-8 Jamali Colony, UC-9 Gulshan II, UC-10 Pehalwan Goth, UC-12 Gulzar-i-Hijri, UC-13 Safoora Goth, UC-14 Faisal Cantonment, UC-2 Manzoor Colony, UC-9 Jacob Line and UC-10 Jamshed Quarters have now been sealed forthwith as “record confirmed reports of individuals infected with COVID-19 residing in these areas”.

The deputy commissioner was of the view that this important step was in the larger interest of the public and will prevent COVID-19 from gripping its feet further.

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