Karachi Mayor’s Pledge: Tackling Illegal Parking

Karachi Mayor's Pledge Tackling Illegal Parking

Mayor Murtaza Wahab of Karachi has vowed to address the problem of illegal parking in the city, stating that market owners cannot impose parking fees on government roads. He has promised action against those extorting money under the guise of parking charges, affirming that measures will be taken to address such practices.

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This initiative follows authorities’ decision to launch a crackdown on illegal charged parking spots in Karachi, aimed at curbing the exploitation of citizens. Additional Chief Secretary Manzoor Ali has directed the authorities to register FIRs against those involved in setting up unauthorized charged parking areas and to ensure coordination with traffic police and district administration during the crackdown. Moreover, efforts will be made to clearly demarcate parking zones and footpaths using specific colors.

Illegal charged parking spots have spread across Karachi, particularly near hospitals, markets, and public parks, with some operated by private individuals. This crackdown highlights ongoing efforts to address the issue, following a previous directive by the Sindh High Court to end such practices in the city.

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