This Is Why Karachi Is Undoubtedly Pakistan’s Best City!

karachi is best city

Pakistan, home to diverse people and cultures, is divided into different provinces and cities. Of those, Sindh holds immense importance for the country in a lot of ways. Inside Sindh, Karachi, the metropolitan city, serves as the jewel in Pakistan’s crown.

The city wars or the debate that which city is Pakistan’s heart has been going around for quite a while. No matter how much you debate, talk on different factors, geo-strategical importance or economic procession; the fact remains that Karachi is the best city in Pakistan.

1. The diverse cultures and people who live in Karachi

When the arguments emerge for which city caters to most cultures or people, undoubtedly, K-town tops the list. The city ranges in different peoples, including the aborigines, just as it does in size. In Khi, you will find every ethnicity of Pakistan, every culture, and every religion, with no single one holding a hegemonic dominance.

If you compare Karachi with Lahore, the fact is that Lahore is subject to Punjabi hegemony. In Khi, Sindhis, Mahajirs, Balochs and Pashtuns, all hold an ample amount of strength in their areas. Together, these people come to live together in a community system, help each other in the times of need and stand together when they are to face the music.

2. Karachi as a metropolitan – the economic hub of Pakistan



Karachi has always been the heart of Pakistan, ever since the country’s inception. The State Bank, the Stock Exchange, The Wall Street of Pakistan (I.I. Chundrigar Road, Port Qasim and the most flourishing private sector of Pakistan can be found in here.

3. The nightlife of Khi – perfect for family or for friends



If you’ve ever lived in Khi, even for a brief period, you would know that no city comes close to the nightlife of Karachi. The city that never sleeps! So much to do, so much to visit.. with so little time and resources – that is how the outings of the metropolitan city can be dubbed.

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From the posh Port Grande to the eateries of Burns Road, every single area of Khi sets a specialty of its own. The lavish malls, the comfortable cinemas, the recreational parks and mouth-watering menus of a host of restaurants – if you’re in Karachi, you can never be bored.

4. The historical and future importance of Karachi



Karachi, previously Kolachi, in 1947, was made the capital city of Pakistan, due to many reasons. It was said that Karachi could survive the worst inflation and recession, just because of the people who lived in the city. The will, strive and hunger to achieve more separates the spirit of the city from the rest of the cities.

In the future, the city will only expand its tentacles to immense prosperity and economic hegemony in Pakistan. Whenever you go abroad, different people of different countries, when asked about Pakistan, might not have heard of other cities but they are sure to know about Karachi.

If you’re a born-and-raised Karachiite or just moved to the city, you would know that no other city in the world, let alone Pakistan, can ever come near the charm our beloved city possesses. All this, without mentioning the beautiful beach even once.

Let the world know, there is only ONE KARACHI! 

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