Karachi Hit With Worst Rain In A Decade And Unfortunately, The City Is Collapsing!

So it has been around 2 days. The news and social media are filled with the images of the chaos happening in the city, the capital of Sindh, Karachi. Since a few years, Karachi has been exposed to one of the worst weather conditions experienced in Pakistan. While the drought may have reduced this year, it has been replaced by severe rainfall which is causing casualties and road blocks in the city.

The City Has Witnessed An Alarmingly High Amount of Rainfall (in mm) Since the Last 24 Hours

Surjani 151, Gulshan-e-Hadeed 149, Jinnah AP 129, Faisal Base 121, Landhi 118, Model Observatory 112, Masroor Base 110, Nazimabad 109, Kemari 93, North Karachi 79.

This is just the beginning of the tragedy that is happening in Karachi; people are dying due to rainfall yet no actions are taken.

7 Hours Ago, News Channels Reported 12 Dead In Karachi Due to the Weather Conditions

Currently, heavy rain and thunderstorm has covered various areas of Karachi, including Nazimabad, Soldier Bazar, Korangi, Gulshan, Malir Cantt, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Clifton and Defence.

Due to electrocution, 12 people have died during this rainfall. Khayaban-e-Shahbaz alone witnessed 3 of these deaths.

Currently, This Is What Karachi Looks Like:

The streets are filled with water. The roads are deteriorating and authorities are not stepping in to take charge of the situation.

It Is Extremely Dangerous In Karachi At the Moment

Heavy Duty Vehicles Are Literally Invisible In the Amount of Water That Has Surrounded the City

Situation Of Traffic Is Another Issue Faced by Locals Residing in Karachi

With the Karachi Government Silent On the Matter, Army Has Stepped In To Help the Locals

Because of this Very Rainfall, the Power Supply Was Also Suspended in the City

“There are reports of water accumulating around power installations & entering homes. In the interest of public safety and based on requests received from the city administration, electricity supply to areas which are in a state of urban flooding, has been temporarily suspended.” said the Power Utility.

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