Karachi: High tides force fishermen to flee homes

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KARACHI: Rough sea and high tides forced hundreds of people, mainly fishermen, living along the Karachi-Thatta-Badin coastline to flee their homes, many of which were inundated on Thursday.

“We have never seen such high tides over the past decade,” said a fisherman whose family was one of those who fled their Sumar village in the Hawkesbay-Sandspit area.

Over 7,000 villagers in the Khaarochann and Keti-bandar areas have been affected by high tides.

The Chief Meteorologist, Sindh-Balochistan, Tousif Alam, said the cyclone ‘Nanuak’ built up in the eastern part of the Arabian Sea was likely to continue moving towards Oman.

Our Correspondent adds from Gwadar: The Balochistan Fisheries Department issued a warning on Thursday night to fishermen who had gone for fishing in the deep sea to return to the coast.

It asked the fishermen to remain close to the coast.

First Published in Dawn,13th June, 2014.

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