This Guy From Karachi Has Got The Kind Of Vocals Which Can Give The Top Singers Of Pakistan A Run For Their Money!

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Singing is an art which requires the amalgamation of both good vocals and the technique. To possess both at the same time, that too, without any formal training is a blessing bestowed upon only a few. So, allow me to narrate a story of a guy who (unexpectedly) turned out to be one of those people who is impeccably talented in his own art of singing.

Meet M. Farhaaj aka ‘Fajji’

Okay, so 3 days earlier I was en route home from my cousin’s place in Kohat where they had some paternal cousins over along with a guest from Karachi. I didn’t know who this alien “guest” was but I decided to avoid talking to him. He was sitting in the front seat with my cousin, Ali, who was driving with the window wound up as it was a frosty, rainy winter evening at Kohat and I was in the back with my cousin, Zainab, and another one of their cousins. As it poured, we heard a deep yet melodious voice, singing a slow Muhammad Rafi vintage song with sheer brilliance amid a muffled silence with his voice piercing its way into our minds. I was spellbound along with my cousins who were so impressed that we couldn’t compress our curiosity.

Out of inquisitiveness, I asked whether he had tried his luck at singing or not and then he narrated his story and in his own words it was;

I have been passionate about my singing all my life. In school, I have always participated in Naat competitions and singing has always been a part of my life but unfortunately, there is little scope for people like me who are blessed neither with good looks nor good opportunities to pursue their career in arts. I have even opted to participate in a renowned singing competition in Karachi (Pakistan Idol), after waiting for hours at the audition centre I got rejected on the pretext of being “Not Ready” and that is how my passion is merely a hobby now.”

Hearing this, I became sad and I wish I could have helped him because I had never heard a voice so resonating and powerful which I firmly believe can give even the top singers of this country a run for their money. It is a sad reality that in Pakistan, the window to success in the field of art is meek and even in the year 2019, pursuing art as a profession is not only a taboo but it is also plagued by nepotism and only the financially strong are the only ones’ to afford it as a career.

Here’s a video of him singing!

I hope that through this article, “Fajji” may achieve the dreams he has always been seeing.

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