Karachi’s First Street Library Is Set To Inaugurate On Jinnah’s Birthday!

Karachi Roadside Library

Karachi, although is the largest city of Pakistan and the most populous, is deprived of many treasures. One of those is the facilities of fully-functioning public libraries. To remedy this, the Sindh government is opening Karachi’s first ‘street library’ on December the 25th.

Karachi Roadside Library

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Karachi’s first roadside library set to inaugurate on Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s birthday.

The idea came to Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, who wanted to promote education and book reading habits within people. What better way to do that than by making books easily accessible to the public? Moreover, this library won’t just be a simple affair. Commissioner has elaborate plans that are already in the works.

Roadside ‘cupboard’ featuring beautifully sculpted walls.

This library will be near the Metropole Hotel. Further, Karachi Commissioner’s Office has decorated the walls surrounding the built-in library with portraits of the founder of Pakistan, his sister Fatima Jinnah and poet Allama Iqbal – A worthy tribute.

Karachi street Library

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“Take a book and leave a book” is how this library will operate. Hence, its success is riding on the shoulders of the learned citizens of Karachi. It is our responsibility to populate those shelves with books that will be beneficial for the readers.

Iftikhar Ali Shallwani also mentioned that the existing public libraries will not be ignored any longer. The plans for their upgrade and repairs are underway. Moreover, speaking on the digital age and how youngsters have been driven away from the books, he said, “Internet, technology, Google, and [many] spend a lot of time on the computer but a book is a book. Books will benefit youngsters a lot, and if they read, then they can achieve whatever they want in the world.”

Some might call it an old-school way of thinking. However, books are independent of any distraction as compared to e-books. Their essence is long lost in the current times, but hopefully, this library will attract these youngsters into the joy of book reading.

A better Karachi.

Karachi struggles but survives against all odds. The experience this city provides is nowhere to be found in Pakistan. Once you live here, you hate a little but you love a lot more. It’s the small efforts that count. This street library is one small step towards enlightenment of many, just like this 90-year-old ‘Babu’ is serving delicious street food in Karachi; this library will be the food for the mind.

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