People In Awe As Crime Rate In Karachi Drops By 60% During Lockdown

karachi street crime

As the coronavirus pandemic creates havoc across the country, Karachi has witnessed a drastic dip in the city’s crime rate this week. This certainly has come as a surprise for many in the metropolis when they got the news.

According to details shared by the local authorities, the crime rate in Sindh’s capital has decreased by 60% due to the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Moreover, as police, rangers and army guard are on the roads of the city, the incidents of motorcycles, cars and other valuables robberies have also decreased. In the past, between 60 and 55 motorcycles and 35 to 40 cars were stolen from the city daily. The number has now decreased to 20 only.

A policeman even said that there was no report of any car robbery in the city during the last eight days.

Good news for Karachiites

People in Karachi are happy with the better law and order situation in the city where high crime rates have always been an issue. Many of them took to Twitter and shared their excitement and pleasure over the latest development.

Many believe since everyone is at their homes in the city, chances are more that the rate of couple fights, divorce, and even pregnancies will go up.

While the Sindh government is taking every possible step to tackle the virus spread, the pandemic is also positively affecting the environment.

As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country reached to over 1800, lockdown in Sindh continued. The death toll across the country stood at 25 by Tuesday morning. Fifty-four more members of a Tableeghi Jamaat in Hyderabad were tested positive for coronavirus, according to health department officials.

Provincial Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah also recently extended the lockdown period in Sindh for another week. It is now being anticipated that at least the security situation in Karachi will remain the same even if there is no improvement in the pandemic.


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